This audio piece is about being present in a location, truly paying attention to what’s in front of you, below you, around you, right now. From that vantage point, I address how the feeling of presence ties one to the environment and the world in general.

It was created as a site specific work about resilience for the Albany Bulbfest in Albany, California. It consists of five audio walks that one accesses via phone and listens to in specific places at the Bulb. Each recording is a few minutes long. However, being present means being where you are right now and noticing whatever there is to notice, internal and external. So the piece can be listened to anywhere.

We are still here, now. And now. At each moment our bodies are recreating themselves and the land is changing and evolving. There is always loss, but there is always rebirth and regeneration.

  • Audio Walk 1: 415-915-6596
  • Audio Walk 2: 415-980-6249
  • Audio Walk 3: 415-319-6952
  • Audio Walk 4: 415-915-6607
  • Audio Walk 5: 415-915-6610