Hire a poet

Have Poetry by Request at your next event!

Fundraisers, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, dinners, museum events, gallery openings, family reunions, office parties, corporate trainings, retreats, anniversaries, literary salons, art soirees, product launches, and festivals!

Poetry by Request is ideal for any occasion where you want your guests to have an out-of-the-ordinary, personal experience and come away with a treasured keepsake.

Hi, I’m Claire and I write poems by request on my Royal Futura 800 typewriter. I engage each guest in conversation to discover what they’d like to have a poem about.

I’ve written about clouds, a grown daughter’s first ballet recital, physics, the long friendship of two young women, stamp collecting and a dog named Snoopy, among other subjects.

The topic is a way to create connection with someone. People share intimate stories and secrets with me, because I’m focusing on them. This deep listening creates an oasis in a world of chatter and busyness, a place where someone can hear themselves think and feel themselves feel. I reflect this back to them. Sometimes people cry.

My rate is $100/hr with a two hour minimum for East Bay, San Francisco, Redwood City, Marin, southern Sonoma county and other spots within that radius of Berkeley. I’ll travel for a longer event: $120 and up per hour for farther away. Contact me with any questions!